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Hedge Trimming & Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Trimming & Hedge Maintenance

Need that expert touch for your hedges too?

Need someone to take care of your hedges alongside your trees? We have also spent our 12 years applying our skills to caring for all different species of hedges. Regardless of species or type, all hedges and shrubs require constant care and maintenance to flourish and reach their full potential.

Hedge Services

We offer the highest of standard of hedge services, that come in different shapes and sizes. Whether one off trims or regular maintenance, we can accommodate your needs.

Alongside different durations of care, we also provide different services in relation to your hedges. We offer formative pruning within the second and third year after planting. Helping to naturally stimulate and promote growth and health. For hedges and shrubs of all ages we also offer maintenance pruning. Allowing them to stay attractive and not become an overgrown dominance within your outdoor space.

Shrub Maintenance

We not only work with hedges; we also can maintain your shrubs.

hedge cutting

Maximising flower production resulting in luscious flowers with great volume and an array of colour.

Find out what we can do for hedges and shrubs as well as your trees by contacting the team.

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