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Tree Crown Services

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Crown Reduction

Do you have an oversized treetop, limiting light and space?

Crown Thinning and Crown Cleaning

Do you have crossing branches and diseased wood?

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Crown Lifting

Do you feel there isn’t enough space between your tree and the ground?

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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a pruning technique for reducing the crown of a tree, in height or spread, to allow a healthier and more stable tree to flourish

This can be through reducing the stress on the tree as a whole or alternatively by freeing up individual branches. By removing primary branches towards the peak of a tree we can reduce height alongside stress. Due to the process of cutting back the tallest branches crown reduction can have a nice side effect. This being a fuller shape that allows for increased light to shine through!

Want a new and improved crown that is achieved in a safe and timely manner? See what above all tree care can do for you today.

Crown Thinning and Crown Cleaning

Crown thinning is an alternative pruning method for altering the crown of a tree.

This is usually done when branches within the crown begin to cross or become diseased. The key difference with crown thinning is that it is all about creating symmetry and an evenness within the crown. Not changing its size! The key aims are to improve light and visibility alongside increasing safety. Any damaged or weakened branches could easily fall causing damage to your property or even a neighbours’!

Need the right team to thin the crown and clean your tree? Find out more today.

Crown Lifting

Removal of lower branches , increasing the space between the ground and the bulk of your tree; with the natural shape of the crown in mind

The tree will be a less dominant feature of your outdoor space, alongside creating room for added features or maybe even creating a natural source of shaded seating space. Additionally, you may want this service if you have lower branches creating issues with other plants, property, or person.  Using our expertise, we know which branches can be removed to achieve your vision.

Why not see what one of our experts can do to resolve the issues those lower branches are causing?