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tree felling
Tree Felling

Tree Felling and Removal

Tree Felling and Removal

We offer both tree felling and full removal in SW London and Surrey areas.

Tree felling is where we remove the bulk of the tree leaving just the stump. Removal in this case relates to the removal of left-over wood from the cut section; finding a sustainable solution for all waste. We also offer and advise complete removal of the tree stump.

Felling and removal can be requested for several reasons; safety, aesthetics or maybe to clear up space and lighting. There are multiple techniques that can be utilised and due to our expertise, we can operate them all to the highest level of quality. The two main methods used are sectional and straight tree felling.

Sectional Felling

A technique best used in tricky and dangerous situations.

With sectional felling we remove the tree bit by bit. Cutting smaller more manageable sections to limit the possibility of destruction or injury! This is a high-level, skilled job and can only be conducted by those like us who hold the appropriate licence.

section felling of tree
section felling of tree

Straight Felling

Whilst this method is rarer in tighter residential areas, straight tree felling is another common technique.

straigh tree felling
Straight tree felling

In particular, we would use this method on smaller and softer trees, where space is permitting. Here we very carefully and strategically cut the tree at the base. Removing the tree in one large segment. This can be a quicker process with efficiency for the customer being a reason why we may opt to use this method when safe to do so.

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