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Different Techniques of Tree Pruning

Want to help naturally maximise your trees? Maybe your tree is becoming too large creating a manor of problems?

Pruning is a method used by horticulturalists that has many positives including an increase in space and resources alongside a reduction of risk. It also has many variations. So, today we’re going to break down some of the different pruning techniques to help you understand what may be needed in your outdoor space.

Tree Surgeon in Oxted
Tree Surgeon in Oxted

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What is Pruning?

Pruning in its most basic form is the cutting of secondary branches to reduce a tree in some way. This will then stimulate growth in all the correct places going forward.  Depending on where and why the tree is cut is what differentiates the different methods of pruning. Let’s take a further look.

The Methods of Pruning We Use

  • Pollarding – Pollarding is an expert pruning technique that can only be used on certain tree species. Particularly, broadleaved species. It targets the upper branches to stop a tree from growing past a certain height.
  • Crown Reduction – Crown Reduction also targets the top end of a tree. However, in this case, it aims to cut back to allow the tree to flourish and grow even more. Particularly with the aim of creating more stability for what will in the end be a larger tree.
  • Crown Thinning and Cleaning – Crown Thinning, like reduction, targets the top of a tree. The difference? Thinning is used to clear away damaged and crossing branches. This doesn’t aim to promote growth but encourages evenness and symmetry.
  • Crown Lifting – Crown Lifting is the removal of lower branches. What this does is aim to create more space between the ground and the bulk of a tree. This makes it appear as though the crown has been ‘lifted’ off the floor. You can then utilise the space however you wish.

Want to know more about our pruning services? Then head over to the dedicated page for any method of your choosing!

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