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What to expect from your Surbiton Tree Surgeon hedge services

In Celebration of National Hedgerow Week.

National Hedgerow week is just over a month away. With Surbiton being the lovely green suburban area that it is, in celebration of the upcoming Hedgegrow week, we thought we would share some further insight into what Hedge Services a Surbiton Tree Surgeon and Arborist can offer.

We can care for any hedge, no matter the life stage it is currently in.

Whether in its formative years, or a long-established part of your outdoor space. We can provide exactly what your hedge needs, regardless of species. We can maintain or refurbish your hedges doing so in a number of ways.

hedge trimming from Surbiton Tree Surgeon
hedge trimming from Surbiton Tree Surgeon

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Tree Surgeon Services:

What clients say about us...

"Toby was great, contacted me straight away and was flexible to come and do the work when it suited me. His price was very good and I would recommend him to anyone."
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One off Trims and Tidy ups

Maybe you usually attend to your hedges but just can’t find the time? Maybe this one time you want a professional to add that little extra bit of magic. Whatever, the reason for your decision. We can provide a one-off trim and tidy up to give your hedges that professional touch.

Seasonal or Repeated Maintenance.

Do you want someone to prepare your hedges for the upcoming change in season? Maybe, you want regular maintenance at intervals that suit you? We offer regular maintenance that can either be provided seasonally or at spaced intervals within a time frame of your choosing. However, you wish to approach caring for your hedges, we will be there ready to offer our expertise!

Formative Pruning

Formative Pruning is a pruning method applied during the second and third year of a hedge’s life. It helps to stimulate and promote growth in a natural, substance free, way. We simply use our expertise and knowledge to trim your hedges in the way that is correct for the specific species. All with spectacular results.

Maintenance Pruning


This is not just about making your hedges look neater. This is maintenance that will promote the correct type of growth, meaning healthy hedges, but, ones that aren’t too dominant of a feature. Ensuring space and resources are available for other aspects of your outdoor space.