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Is it safe to fell your tree? Advice from a Twickenham Tree Surgeon and Arborist

We find many of our clients spend a long time debating the idea of tree felling, before they come to us for more information.

Whether it is safe, and therefore worthwhile, is one of the main reasons they can become undecided. Whilst true that such a job can only be performed by the most trained and experienced of Tree Surgeons. When using the correct Twickenham Tree Surgeon, safety shouldn’t be a reason to delay. The only question you should be asking is, is felling the right decision for your outdoor space?

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Tree Felling - Tree Surgeon Twickenham

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"a great team of two - would definitely recommend them"
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Can AboveAll meet the requirements of a safe Twickenham Tree Surgeon and Arborist?

Of Course! We are trained to the highest level, with over 12 years of experience. Our founder is a product of the famous Merrist Wood and has spread this valuable knowledge throughout the team. On top of all this, whilst never needed, we have the highest level of insurance. If anything was to ever happen out of our control, we would be covered to help make it right.

How can we be so sure we carry out Tree Felling safely?

As we’ve mentioned, we can perform any tree surgery services at an expertise level. What we mean in the case of tree felling is, we have the knowledge to know what style of felling is needed. Alongside the experience of how to safely carry out each method. For a brief explanation, let’s look at sectional and straight felling. Straight felling is where we cut a tree down from one specific point. Sectional felling is where we take the tree down chunk by chunk. With sectional felling being a method, we would use in most tricky and potentially dangerous situations. Find out in more detail how we safely approach any felling situation on our dedicated services page.

We offer so many other pruning methods, alongside seasonal packages, tree stump removal, shrub maintenance and more. Check our tree services below for even more of what we offer.