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Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Already have a felled tree and have since decided you want the stump completely gone?

When trees fall, or have been felled, in most cases complete removal of the stump is advised. We suggest this due to the possibility of fungal root rotting alongside suckering. We will safely survey the surrounding area to determine to what extent removal is safe, making sure we keep all underground utilities untouched. Using high powered machinery, we will, when safe, remove both the above and under ground components of a tree. Whilst high powered this specialist machinery is designed to cause as little disruption to the surrounding landscape as possible.

If requested, part of the dead stump can be left to naturally decay or become an attractive feature, overgrown with flowers. Any stumps left will always be subject to risk and safety assessments to ensure they are as safe as they will be beautiful.

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