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All there is to know about Tree Stump Removal

Are you just at the start of planning any tree removal and want to know whether to leave the stump? Maybe, you’ve had your tree felled and left the stump to remain but are reviewing your options? Whatever the reason, you’re probably currently contemplating something around tree stump removal.

Here's all you need to know from your local Reigate Tree Surgeon and Arborist.

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Pros and Cons of Not Undergoing Tree Stump Removal

When talking about the pros and cons of whether to undergo tree stump removal one clearly outweighs the other, with there being significantly more cons than pros of leaving the stump intact. However, with the one pro being how the stump can act as a natural aesthetic feature to your outdoor space. It makes tons of sense why people decide to leave the stump initially after removal. The cons are an invitation to pests and parasites, difficulty to mow the lawn, the eventual rotting ruining the aesthetic and finally the risk hazard, especially to the disabled, young, and old.   Again, other than the risk hazard many of the cons will get worse over time. So, it still makes perfect sense why removal may not be considered at the time of felling.

Types of Stump Removal

We’ve cleared up the pros and cons and we’ve hopefully given you reasons why you may remove at the time of felling or not. Next is to go over different methods. The two key methods are grinding and complete removal. Grinding is the use of machinery to grind away at the stump till all the visible components are removed. Complete removal is a more intrusive and lengthy process. Here heavier machinery is used to dig up the whole tree but with it much of the surrounding turf. Whilst roots may take 10 years to decay naturally and can cause some issues depending on the idea for your garden. We usually recommend grinding, due to the intrusive and large-scale nature of complete removal.

Need a Local Reigate Tree Surgeon and Arborist for the Job?

We hope we’ve helped you come to a clearer understanding of what is right for your outdoor space. Whether planning on felling, tree stump removal or a combination of both. Our local Reigate Tree Surgeons are trained to the highest level and operate with expertise.