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Want to know why a Woking Tree Surgeon & Arborist should prune your trees?

The benefits of Pruning Your Trees

There are many positive reasons a Woking Tree Surgeon may decide that pruning is a good option for your trees!

Whether deciding to pollard; taking out a crown reduction; undergoing a crown thin and cleanse or utilising a crown lift.

There are many methods of tree pruning our Woking Arborists may decide to implement. All will have a combination of different positive results on your outdoor space. We want to highlight some of the best benefits below.

Woking Tree Surgeon - tree pollarding
Woking Tree Surgeon - tree pollarding

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Increase in space


Whether increasing the space for you to enjoy or increasing the space for other plants to live. One benefit of pruning your trees is that it can free up space that can be utilised in a number of ways!


Increase in health


Removing parasites. Removing infected branches. Simply removing anything that can be bad for your tree! One of the main goals when pruning is to remove anything that can be detrimental to the health of your tree. Simply put, pruning will promote health and prosperity for your tree!


Reducing stress


Another key benefit of pruning is that it can help to reduce stress. At points, a tree can grow too much for its own good. The stress of bearing its own weight becomes detrimental to the tree. By removing the secondary branches that aren’t the heart and soul of a tree. We can actually help a tree to thrive, limiting its own source of stress. Alongside less weight, there is also less tree to provide for, resulting in available resources going a longer way.


Increase in lighting


When pruning the top part of a tree. Particularly either crown reduction or thinning. One of the key positives is an increase in lighting. By removing some higher up foliage that creates shade, more light can shine through. This increases light and heat. Not only for humans to soak up and enjoy in their garden space. Additionally, this increase in lighting means more resources for the other parts of your outdoor space. Allowing that tree to become just that little less dominant, with more aspects able to thrive.


Increase in safety


The final positive we want to touch on is a big one, safety! By removing larger and heavier parts of a tree, you are not only helping to support that tree’s health. You are also looking after the surrounding space. Property, people and other living things are all less likely to be at risk of damage when a tree is properly looked after and pruned!

We not only focus on pruning trees. Stump removal, Tree felling, Shrub and hedge maintenance and so much more can be provided to an expert level of quality! Check our services page to find out more.

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