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What is a tree surgeon?

Where trees can live more than three thousand years, some may suffer with infestations, diseases and other climate changes, reducing their life span and inevitably causing their death. Timely visits from a tree surgeon are not only highly recommended but also essential when ensuring the vitality of your trees and the safety around your home.

But what is tree surgery? And what does a tree surgeon do? Let's take a closer look throughout this article, and explore the many benefits you can gain with a visit from your local tree surgeon.
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So what is a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon specialises in the overall care and maintenance of trees. They are experts in tree surgery such as planting, pruning, felling and treating trees that may require special care. They are also highly skilled in landscaping, especially where larger trees or plants are involved. They are qualified to give expert advice on the care and needs of your trees. They are trained to resolve all your tree surgery queries from the roots, to the leaves of any large tree.

The benefits of a visit from your local tree surgeon 

With some research, you may very well be able to care for or maintain your large trees with routine tree surgery. However, over time there may be complications where only a tree surgeon can help. More importantly, a tree surgeon eliminates safety hazards.

A tree surgeon has not only the knowledge but the experience and tools to identify potential hazards. Early warning signs would be easy to spot for a tree surgeon, such as a tree that could be likely to fall during a storm or one that poses a fire hazard to your home. Furthermore, a tree surgeon will be able to carry out the necessary tree surgery to ensure you are protected from any preventable tree-related accidents, such as tree removal. 

Tree surgery advice you’ll want to consider

A tree surgeon can accurately assess the health of a tree and provide the care needed for them to survive in their surroundings. You’ll receive valuable insights and advice from your local tree surgeon, perhaps on what you can do to improve the appearance of your trees or how to ensure your trees lead a long and healthy life.

Expert advice on tree surgery can be very useful if you have a variety of trees that may require different types of care. Your local tree surgeon will be able to provide specific recommendations for each tree type. They will consider the climate in your area, the type of soil in your garden and the overall environment surrounding your home and trees.

The professional eye of a tree surgeon

With trees prone to diseases and infections, the earlier the signs are spotted, the easier they will be to treat with effective tree surgery. Frequent visits by a tree surgeon allows you to give infected trees the best treatment possible if they are showing early signs of infection, which in turn, allows a quick recovery, preventing the spread of disease to the other trees in your garden.

A tree surgeon has all the gear and every idea

Large trees in need of tree surgery require advanced machinery and equipment which only a tree surgeon is licensed to operate. Using the wrong tools to carry out tree surgery can cause irreparable damage to trees and is a serious safety hazard to the user, as well as others around them.

Tree surgery can cut down costs as well as trees

Using your local tree surgeon will help you save money in the long run. Professional maintenance can result in fewer instances of tree diseases or infections and reduce the risk of tree-induced injuries and accidents. With the variety of tree surgery services a tree surgeon can offer, they are the perfect solution to your tree-related problems, saving you from spending on a variety of specialists.

Your local tree surgeon

Now we have shared our ‘branch’ of knowledge with the benefits of hiring your local tree surgeon, it’s time to start prolonging the lives of your trees and ensuring the safety of your family and home.

Above All Tree Care is dedicated to preventing tree hazards through our range of expert tree surgery services available.

Get in touch today for your free quotation and give your trees the care, strength and vitality they need, to enjoy the garden you deserve. 

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