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What is tree crown reduction

Unless you’re a qualified tree surgeon or arborist, some of the lingo can get confusing! Perhaps you have a large tree in your garden or in the grounds of your property that needs maintaining and you’re not sure how that all works?
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Above All Tree Care are here to help by clarifying everything you need to know about tree crown reduction.

What is tree crown reduction?

The crown of the tree is the foliage bearing portion, which, when not maintained effectively can look unruly but put stress on the mechanics of a tree. Tree crown reduction is required to reduce the height and spread of the crown or foliage.

Why does tree crown reduction matter?

Crown reduction pruning is used to support your trees in a number of ways:

  • Reduce mechanical stress on individual branches
  • Reduce stress on the whole tree for bearing a top heavy load
  • Keep the tree more suited to its environment
  • Reduce the effects on lower branches or the base of the tree of shading and light loss required for healthy growth
  • Make it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Maintain a healthy and consistent growth pattern
  • Improvement of fruit production

Does it matter when crown reduction pruning takes place?

Your tree will respond differently if pruned at different times of the year. During the winter months, most trees are dormant, so tree crown reduction pruning at this time of year will see a burst of new growth during the spring. However, pruning during the summer months gives you more control over guiding the growth of your tree. Access to branches that might be causing problems is easier when the tree is in full bloom so they can be targeted and removed before the winter sets in.

Does tree crown reduction harm my tree?

Whilst we consider it to be an essential part of ongoing tree maintenance, pruning does inflict harm onto the tree. However, your tree’s response will depend on its condition, the species and the standard of workmanship involved in your crown reduction pruning.

Is the species of my tree suitable for crown reduction pruning?

Most species of tree will need pruning at various points throughout the year. Above All Tree Care are happy to help you identify the species of your tree if you’re unsure as well as advise on the best possible care for your tree with your desired outcome in mind.

In its simplest form, tree crown reduction is fancy terminology for pruning the foliage distribution area of your tree and whilst it consists of many different techniques, you can leave that all down to us.

For a complete overview of our tree crown services including tree crown reduction, click here. Or if we can help to answer your specific questions about crown reduction pruning or general tree care and maintenance, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly and professional tree surgeons.


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