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How to maintain an outdoor Christmas tree

Christmas is upon us and you may be considering investing in a potted or outdoor Christmas tree this year to save on chopping them down and then recycling them year after year. It’s important to note that potted or planted Christmas trees are ‘living’ as opposed to the ones that are cut down and popped into a stand for display.
How to maintain an outdoor Christmas tree

So if you’ve searched for advice from a ‘tree surgeon near me’ to care correctly for your Christmas tree this season, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep them cool

Bringing your potted Christmas tree indoors, means keeping them cool which can be difficult when you’re also trying to heat your home. Keeping them cool will reduce stress and damage so find a light and airy position in your home, not next to the fireplace!

Keep them outdoors as long as possible

They are a traditional outdoor evergreen, so coming into a home will feel a little alien for them. Keep them in their natural surroundings for as long as possible, ideally bringing them inside the weekend before Christmas.

Listen to your tree

If you’ve brought your tree indoors and it’s starting to swelter under the heat or doesn’t like it’s new surroundings, then it’s time to pop it back outside. Let the tree tell you what it needs.

Permanently outdoors

If you’re considering keeping your tree outdoors in the garden on a permanent basis then ensure you’re planting it with plenty of space around it for it to lay substantial roots. Christmas trees can grow to significant heights if they are cared for correctly.

Grow it in a container

If you want to continue to bring it indoors each and every year for the annual celebration, then potting it is best. You can increase the size of the pot to allow it more space to grow, or ensure you keep the pot at an ample size to maintain the height and width of your tree year on year.

Prune your tree

If you’re keen to maintain your tree yourself, rather than searching for ‘tree servicers near me’ then you will need to ensure you keep an attractive shape to your tree, removing shoots that affect the traditional silhouette and cutting any upright branches that aim to compete with the leading stem. Be sure to prune away dead or dying branches to keep the healthy ones alive.

Needle loss

If your Christmas tree is exposed to too much heat, they will lose their needles. You’ll also need to keep them well watered whilst indoors to prevent the same from happening. You can also spend a little time spritzing your tree with water to keep the branches and pine needles moist.

Watering your tree

To water your tree slowly so that it can drink regularly, we recommend using ice cubes in the top of the soil so they are absorbed slowly throughout the day by gradually melting. You can also cover the top layer of soil with mulch to keep it from drying out whilst it’s indoors.

Go light on decorations

We’re all for spreading Christmas cheer, but try not to hang anything too heavy or tie anything onto the branches of your Christmas tree as this can bend and damage them stunting their growth and causing more needles to drop.

Above All Tree Care are your local tree surgeons and arborists, we are trained, certified, insured and experienced and are always happy to offer our clients advice on the best care for their trees, whether at Christmas or all year round. For more useful advice, visit our blog, or if we can help with your festive preparations this year, contact the friendly team today.


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