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Why it’s important to compare tree surgeon costs

Hiring a tree surgeon can be a daunting experience. With many companies advertising their services and offering similar tree surgeon prices, it’s hard to know what to look for.
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What does a tree surgeon’s quote entail?

When it comes to receiving a quotation, weighing out the costs is obviously one of the most important factors. Most companies will want to visit in person to assess the project or job before they give you any estimate on tree surgeon costs. Tree surgeon prices will usually vary depending on the complexity of the project or job, such as the number of trees involved, potential hazards and even ease of access to your property. Advanced jobs such as servicing larger trees growing close to a property, will result in large tree surgeon costs, as these usually require sectional cutting, compared to the costs of removing small trees for example. Also, if the job involves getting permission from your local council or organising road closures, you may have to pay a premium for these factors.


How many quotations should I get?

Collecting at least 2-3 quotes from different companies to compare tree surgery prices would be beneficial, especially for larger projects. Make sure to ask if the quote is fixed and if it includes everything involved or you may end up with extra tree surgery costs. If you receive a quote over the phone, without anyone assessing the project first, be aware that companies are likely to increase costs when they get there or even worse, after they have done the job.


Should I go with the lowest quote?

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as going with the cheapest tree surgeon prices. It’s important to be satisfied that the tree surgeon you are hiring has the experience and the expertise to carry out your project or job. They obviously need arborist skills but the most important factor to consider is that they keep you, your property and your neighbouring properties safe from potential hazards. You should always ask for a copy of their insurances and certifications, as well as researching their company and reviewing previous customer testimonials. A little time spent on this research can save a lot of hassle.


Should I hire my local tree surgeon?

Local knowledge is important when it comes to tree surgery. A local company that you contact directly is also more likely to have a motivated team to ensure a good job, as trusted local tree surgeons can usually survive on ‘word of mouth’, so doing a good job is vital for their survival.

There are a number of comparison websites where you can research tree surgery costs or compare quotes, however in reality, you may end up talking to a call centre and have very little or no contact with the actual tree surgeons who will handle your project or job.


At Above All Tree Care, we pride ourselves on our local reputation as expert tree surgeons, after serving SW London and Surrey for over 12 years. Our team is totally trained, completely certified and of course insured with the highest level of cover. And above all, we offer a professional quotation without obligation. Contact us to arrange your project assessment or find us on Instagram to read our valued customer testimonials.


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